Caffeine & Zoloft- What you need to know.

As someone who has recently started taking Zoloft, I have experienced a few of the usual side effects: nausea, dizziness, fatigue, to name a few.  What I did not realize until a few days ago, was how drinking my medium coffee while taking the medication would affect me.  The feeling of “walking on sunshine” was so pronounced that I could barely contain myself, and while still happy, I couldn’t help but realize how “on the edge” I felt.  It was to the point that I stopped drinking the coffee after only downing 1/2 of the cup!  On another occasion in the not-too-distant-past, I was out with friends and happened to be consuming a small amount of alcohol.  Again, as it was in the first instance, I experienced a bit of a jittery rush, and cut myself off much earlier than I would have a few months ago.  So this morning, I decided to consult the almighty, and see if anyone else had experienced symptoms similar to mine.  As one may suspect, I am not alone!  And so, I felt it necessary to at least drop off a quick link from, that I feel summarizes this phenomenon in a short and sweet manner.  Please do follow the link at the end of this post for your own reading pleasure!  I know that this is only a little nugget of information, and although I do not claim to be any sort of authority on medical information, I will make it a point to at least post some more useful information in the coming weeks. Until next time,



Caffeine & Zoloft | LIVESTRONG.COM.


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