#blacklivesmatter…but seriously enough.

Pray for our city, people. Police and citizens alike are all hurting and are all yearning for change and reform. Violence is not the answer!

#PrayForBaltimore #PoliceLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter


First post, what better than a very relevant subject.

Before I start, I should say I am sympathetic to those families who have lost members due to seemingly brutal tactics enforced by police offers.

Here it is.

I studied History in college so as someone who has witnessed and embodied different viewpoints, I get it. Blacks in this country have it rough and have had it rough ever since their ancestors stepped foot on this continent. Life has been an uphill battle for many and it often seems like the odds will forever be stacked against them. But here’s the thing, it’s not.

There are laws in place now that protect them from just that. Job discrimination laws, workplace standards, equal everything, etc. And law enforcement officers that are to uphold these standards in attempts to give everyone a shot to do whatever it is that makes them happy, so…

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