A Sunday Morning Stroll

Historic Baltimore County Courthouse, Towson, Maryland.

This morning, like almost every other morning, I hurried home after work to let my four-legged fur-baby out of the house.  After being alone at home for so long, I try to make sure that he always has a chance to really stretch his legs and explore the world around us.  Today, our little adventure took us to one of my personal favorite places in our town, the Historic Towson Courthouse.

While it was certainly not our first time strolling about the Courthouse gardens, the flowers and greenery seemed incredibly inviting this morning, and watching my little beagle reminded me of six important life lessons:


I.) Take a minute to stretch it out before getting your day started.


II.) Stop to really take in the beauty around you.  Breathe deeply and smell the roses, the bushes- everything.

III.) Travel the path less-followed. The sidewalk is great, but middle of the meadow is much more exciting!


IV.) Appreciate the history surrounding you and make your mark.


V.) If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.


VI.) Finally, never fail to remember to reward yourself with an occasional treat, followed by a long nap (or two, or three!)

This courtyard his been puppy approved!

This courtyard his been puppy approved!

Life can really beat you down sometimes, which is why it is imperative that we all take the time that we need to really enjoy the small things in life that we normally take for granted.  Taking time to put aside worry, fear and hurt, and bask in the natural beauty in the world around you can help you to maintain a positive outlook and recharge yourself as you face each new day.

Stay Positive, my friends!

Mj ❤


2 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Stroll

  1. Point #3 was my favorite. My beagle, well, for her there is no trail. She goes where her nose leads her. It could be on a path, it could be through the woods, it could be ANYwhere, as I’m sure you know. I recently posted a quote I found from Betty White that is like point #5… you can tell about a person by the way they touch an animal. Wise words from Ms. Betty White!


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