In Baltimore Schools, Free Meals For All

Photo Courtesy of: The Baltimore Sun.

This made me literally jump for joy!

As a child who came from humble beginnings, I know what it is like to have very little food certain days, or not enough money to buy a school lunch.  Getting shoo’ed away by a lunch lady for something that costs $1.50 should be an experience that NO child should ever have to endure.  Finally, the Baltimore City School System is doing something right for these young Americans!


For the first time in the history of the school lunch program, all children in Baltimore are created equal.  Beginning this week, every student in the city, regardless of income level, is being offered free breakfast and lunch under a federal program that allows school districts to eliminate a decades-old meal-subsidy structure for students in high-poverty schools.  Baltimore is among a handful of districts in Maryland taking advantage of the opportunity that was opened to schools nationwide last year.  Maryland schools are able to adopt the program under state legislation passed this year in the General Assembly.  Del. Keith Haynes, chief sponsor of the legislation, said Tuesday during an announcement at Beechfield Elementary/Middle School that the law is the “great equalizer” for city students, closing one more gap that exists from socio-economic disparities.

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Mj ❤


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