UC Officer Allegedly ‘Purposefully Killed’ Samuel DuBose

WARNING: Graphic Content-Proceed with caution, as it is NOT suitable for younger viewers.

  This is the body cam footage of University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing during the car-stop turned police-involved-shooting of Mr. Samuel DuBose.  This one is hard to watch.

  It’s hard to judge an Officer’s split second decision, especially when there is a loss of life.  This tragic situation could have been avoided in many ways, from both sides involved. Mr. DuBose could have taken the keys out of the car, which many of us know gives an Officer a bit of ease during a car stop. Mr. DuBose could have chosen not to attempt to drive off, putting the Officer’s life in grave danger. Officer Tensing could’ve reached for his taser instead of his gun, or tried to keep Mr. DuBose talking until backup arrived. Without being there first-hand, it’s hard to determine why certain decisions were made.

  It’s incredibly difficult for our men and women in blue  to make these kinds of decisions when adrenaline is running high and fears are being felt all around. Yet, they do it every single day.

  As this story continues to unfold, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out not only to Officer Tensing and his loved ones, but also to the DuBose family as they search for understanding and peace while grieving this loss.

Again, please proceed with caution, as the footage within the article below contains violent content.

Read More: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2015/07/29/publish/30830777/



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