I Ran And Survived To Tell The Tale.

I put off sharing this because I look like a sweaty hot mess, but I am trying to hold myself accountable so bear with me! I started my C25K challenge Monday night after work and I must say, it felt pretty great! I can’t remember the last time I ran, due to some chronic knee and hip pain from the past decade. Adding that to my recent back injury (I was in an auto accident this past summer) made starting this endeavor seem like a terrifying prospect. 

However, after being cleared from physical therapy, I promised myself that I would start running and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it! I am certainly not the best, not the quickest, not even the cutest- but I ran.

Tonight is my second run for the week. Fingers crossed!



Begin again.

 I’ve added a new gadget to the arsenal! New job + a new day-shift schedule= no excuses for neglecting to stay on track with my health and fitness goals. I’m also starting my first Couch to 5K (C25K) challenge after work on Monday. While I’m no stranger to fitness programs- I have started many and finished few, I am hoping to make it through and find myself healthier and happier by the end of it all. 

Quitting my job on the SICU was the first step toward making my life work for me. Making myself healthier and creating my own happiness are the next. Wish me luck! 

 More info about the C25K challenge can be found at: http://facebook.com/C25Kfree.

 Until next time,

 Mj ❤