Social Media Addiction is Real, Folks.

 Seriously people. Get over yourselves, all of you. I don’t care what side you are on because both major candidates are horrible human-beings. Your FB outrage will not change the election, but it does change my opinion of many people who I thought were functional adults. 

  Stop letting social media run your lives, take a deep breath of fresh air, physically go out and see your friends in REAL LIFE and live your darn lives already. Life is short and time is precious, so stop wasting it living out a literal representation of the 20th season of Southpark. I am only 26 years old; I should not have to be the voice of reason. 

Shared from NPR: 

“But the vast majority of emails — some of them nearing 1,000 words in length — read like testimonials to a therapist: I’m having a hard time focusing. I have questioned my friendships. I can’t stop scrolling. I’m exhausted. One email to NPR ended with: ‘It was good to get that off my chest.’ People are turning off TVs (one even canceled her cable — mass media are not off the hook, either), deleting social apps from their phones, rationing time spent on Facebook and Twitter, and shrinking their digital friend lists.”

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Watch more of your life play out in Southpark clips on Instagram, or in full episodes on their website.

P.S. Newly allotted free time in my life= dusting off my little blog that no one reads. Ye be warned.